► QUESTION: How often does the Board meet to consider Grants?

ANSWER: The Board meets the week of July 20th for an annual meeting each year. Other meetings are scheduled as needed throughout the year. A call to the office will provide other meeting dates. (325/703/6669)

► QUESTION: What its the maximum amount of money a nonprofit may request?

ANSWER: The Foundation usually provides a total grant amount of one half Million Dollars each year. At the time of this publishing date, no one nonprofit has received this amount for one single request.

► QUESTION: May individuals apply for a scholarship?

ANSWER: Individuals are not usually considered a 501(c)(3) by the IRS, and to receive a Grant from this Foundation, an applicant must be a 501(c)(3) organization.

► QUESTION: May churches apply for grants from the Foundation?

ANSWER: Only if the project is to serve the community. The Foundation does not award grants for church needs. Examples: Church playgrounds, new carpet, or staff are not considered. Reading programs for schools, food for food pantries, etc. are considered.

► QUESTION: Does the Foundation monitor the grant after it has been awarded?

ANSWER: Definitely! The foundation provides grants under Mrs. Mary Ellen Kent Bunyard’s will and feels that it is a privilege to honor Mrs. Bunyard’s wishes. If a nonprofit asks for $6,000 to provide tutors for special needs children and it is granted, the money must be used for the tutors only.